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Large Scale 


Corporate Training Solutions To Cater Your Scale Needs


As large enterprises continue to fine newer ways of growth and managing large business, the biggest challenges apart from other factors are of Human Resources Management. At this scale and pace any turbulence in employee performance impacts at all levels. If you wish to change the tyre of a car going at 80 kmph, you need to have great systems and processes in place that can be applied at speed and scale.

Generally, large corporations struggle to find resource to maintain the skill level of entire team. We found that these companies generally face following 8 challenges about employee. 

Out of the above challenges, we are well equipped to help you meet the challenges of "Training and Development Strategies".

If you are struggling with (1) Measuring, Developing and systematizing "soft skills" (2) Getting new employees up to speed and keeping experienced employees growing at the same time? and (3) Finding content & training partner to meet your needs, your search ends at 51K Growth Hub.

Engaging The Workforce

Attracting The Talent to the Company

Managing Relationships

Training & Development Strategies

Talent Retention

Diversity in the Workforce

Embrace Inevitable Change

Employee Health & Well Being

"The Goal of Education is Understanding, and

The Goal of Training is Performance"

Choose a Transformational Experience

Behavior change is our focus. Training is the vehicle. We have a complete learning system, delivered in-person and virtually, with robust reinforcement and execution assurance, so learning happens overtime and drives top performance. We offer our clients an array of innovative training and consulting services to meet ongoing demands in human resource development. In this unpredictable era of high velocity change, organizations must develop their most valuable and only sustainable competitive resource — their people — with developmental programs that not only immediately improve skills and performance, but also create the foundation for practical and continuous application. To do this we follow unique methodology which gives our client an extra edge.

Business Consultant in India
Business Consultant in India
Business Consultant in India

Virtual Live Workshops and Coaching

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Business Consultant in India

Live Workshops and Coaching - Public or Onsite

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Business Consultant in India

On-Demand Webinar Learning

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Business Consultant in India

Learning Through Exceptional Online Courses

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Business Consultant in India

One-to-One Consulting & Coaching for Individual Excellence

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