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Selling Skill

Training Programs

Sales Training Companies in  India
Duration                          - 2-3 Full Days of 8 Hours Each
Mode of Training           - In Person on Site or Online for Remote Locations
Cost                                - Contact Us
For Whom                      - Fresher sales professional, Experienced Sales Professional, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Sales Senior Management , Marketing Team, Customer Service Team.
For Which Sectors        - All and any business in the category B2B, B2C and B2BC
Requirements to Join  - Prior Experience in Sales Preferable
Course Overview
Today business and market conditions have become more challenging because of; continuous customer sophistication - fierce competition - globalization - price obsession - commoditization - complex sales cycles - fast technological changes - changes in consumer buying behaviour - increased customer Awareness & demanding nature, and so on.
To win sales under these circumstances, the salesperson must possess selling skills superior then ever before, which differentiates a sales person from competitors and helps win business on continuous basis.
Every fresher or experienced sales professional wants to develop appetite to learn and master sales techniques, that is where our "Champion of Sales" training program comes in. 51K Growth Hub's 'Champion of Sales', a three day extensive sales training program is designed on revolutionary 51K's APACE Method of selling and will help participants develop their overall personality to be of a complete sales person.
This training program will enable participants to understand all the fundamentals of sales world, what personality traits are required to be a successful sales person, what preparation is essential to become successful at sales call, how to successfully complete your sales presentation, how to effectively handle objections, what are different types of customers, way of closing the deal and finally how to become and remain 'magnetic' personality and develop long term relations with your customers and many more.
This program provides an effective and flexible approach to learning, applying, evaluating, and continuously improving the skills that result in strong customer relationships. The program has components that work together to improve sales performance and help you compete effectively in the marketplace. The contents will be delivered through various delivery options to make your learning journey more insightful and enjoyable.
Training Objectives
After attending this training program, you will be able to;
1. Understand the depth and breadth of sales world and what is selling all about
2. Learn the factors that makes a sales person confident, competitive & perfect
3. Understand how customers buy at various stages of their life
4. Understand components of successful sales presentation
5. Know how to listen effectively to ask questions to uncover customer needs
6. Acquire some successful strategies for handling objections
7. Learn various ways to close the deal
8. Learn how to build rapport with a customer to cement a trusting relationship
9. Develop self improvement action plan

“Pankaj Sir gave nice guidance on sales. My entire view about sales has changed. I understood completely how to plan and work in field. My confidence has greatly increased dut this sales training only. I felt that from sales field only I can achieve my vision of becoming CEO in my future career.”

Dhruv Panchasuriya, Sales Engineer, Rajkot
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