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Business Growth Strategy - How to grow business during COVID-19 through robust strategy

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

The era of coronavirus has exposed businesses to many unforeseen challenges globally. The new normal of 'social distancing' is playing the role of biggest villain for human interaction, on which business thrives. Many of these challenges are (but not limited to) shortage of raw material, shortage of labour, managing complex production and services keeping social distancing, client relations, shortage of cash flow as sales have hit all time low and many more. Even the list is different for each industry and company including small business.

All entrepreneurs and businessmen must have done a lot hard-work till now to establish and grow their business using innovative growth strategies and also have seen many ups and downs in business till now. Nobody can doubt their integrity & dedication towards business.

But, for each business to succeed, specifically in challenging times, requires a clear business growth strategy in place & implemented. Business growth strategy is the centre point of a wheel on which wheel revolves and any minute error makes the wheel circulation uneven and over a period of time it leads to accident, the sames is the case with business. Without a definite strategy, organization is directionless and is less likely to succeed.

It is also equally correct and advisable to Re-think, Re-visit & Re-evaluate your business growth strategy continuously on regular intervals, so that despite challenges, your business goals are met. To do this, business strategy assessment must be done.

At this point, a business strategy assessment should be done for your existing planned business growth strategies. This assessment are 'seldom' available globally but you can take a FREE Business Strategy Assessment on 51K Growth Hub.

This free business strategy assessment helps you to understand and analyze deeply the loopholes and strengths of your company strategy and helps you to achieve you company goals, to expand & grow your business in a smart and strategic way. Taking the 1st step correctly will put you on a path to running your business more strategically. The business strategy assessment is similar to MRI of brain.

The benefits of Business strategy assessment are enormous and has lasting impact on long future of company, hence, counting as 1, 2, 3, 4… will not justify its importance, but still to narrate point few of the important benefits are mentioned here.

1. Exposes actual situation of your business strategy on all 11 important business functions.

2. Reveals weak links in your business strategy & its impact on current business affairs

3. Helps Create to-do list to improve in each weak strategic areas of all 11 functions.

4. Develops your own performance standard for future growth

5. Aligns employee performance to company goals.

6. More synergized clarity in team develops positive and energetic environment.

7. Provides foundation for smart business decisions & many more….

Take this free assessment and check the health of your actual business strategy. CLICK HERE to go to assessment. After this free assessment, if you wish to conduct an exhaustive detailed business strategy assessment on following 11 functions, the option is available.

1. The Base

2. Product & Services

3. Marketing

4. Sales

5. Customer Service

6. Accounting

7. Organizational Excellence

8. Team Development

9. Stakeholder/Vendor Development

10. Business Growth

11. Leadership

Wishing you a successful business growth journey.



Pankaj (MBA, Founder & CEO, 51K Growth Hub) is senior industry expert with 22+ years of Industry Experience. He is a globally certified professional, senior industry expert, leadership coach and corporate trainer. He is adept at delivering result driven training & growth consulting programs which dramatically scales up participant morale and helps speed up exponential organisational growth.

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