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Leadership Training

Helping business leaders to enhance their leadership skills and strengthen their teams to execute organization’s strategic and cultural priorities and achieve business goals more efficiently

For First Time Leaders

For Experienced Mid-Level Leaders

For Top Management Leaders


"If you Google 'meaning of leadership in business',
you can get about 614000000 results"

(as on 15-06-20)

It has been said that without leadership, all other business elements lie dormant. Strong leaders can help an organization to maximize productivity and achieve business goals, whereas weak leadership can hurt productivity and put the health of the business in jeopardy. 

"The ultimate goal of Leadership is to get things done by effectively influencing and leading other people"

Are Leaders of Your Organization Lacking Skills, Aptitude, Willingness and Attitude to effectively lead and direct people?


Do you want to transform them into “Highly Performing Top Class Leaders” to efficiently achieve your organizational goals?


 If Yes, Then Our "Leadership Skills" Training Programs Can Help You 


The 51K Leadership Development Approach

Our approach to leadership development is customized for the individual or team of managers. We generally begin with a Leadership Evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses that we can use to define aspects of the training program. 

Our training programs are designed as per the seniority of participant in leadership positions. Our programs are classified as;

1. First Level Leadership

2. Mid Level Leadership

3. Executive Leadership

Successful Manager

First-level supervisors and managers are on the front line of employee and customer interaction. New supervisors need critical foundational skills to shift from their role as individual contributor to effective supervisor who can achieve team success and workforce productivity. See uur programs...

Professional Female

In today's companies, middle managers and team leaders—the layer of leadership and coordination between top strategic leadership and front-line—are critical to success. Development of such individuals with critical leadership skills is important for organizational success. See our programs...

Professional Male

As leaders rise through the ranks, their experience and knowledge enables them to bring more strategic thinking and market understanding to leading the business. With this advancement comes new responsibilities that require expanded knowledge in new areas. See uur programs...