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Sales Training Companies in  India
Duration                         - 2 Hours
Mode of Training           - Online
Cost                                - 100% Free
For Whom                      - Any person already in the profession of selling or willing to make career in to sales.
For Which Sectors        - All and any business in the category B2B, B2C and B2BC
Requirements to Join - None
Course Overview
Every business either survives through selling of product or service. Whether the business has own dedicated sales team or not, it must have competent product or service and art of selling.
51K Sales Foundation training program is specially designed to help participants about the core fundamentals of selling in all environments across the world. 
Individuals new to the sales profession need a strong foundation of skills, knowledge, and tools to help them build strong customer relationships and a solid portfolio. They need to learn how to build trust with customers, discover customer needs, and negotiate for win-win outcomes, all to maximize their sales performance and strengthen customer success.
This '100% free' and '100% online' training program can be accessed by any businessman, salesman, sales leader or people willing to make their career in sales in future.
Training Objectives
After attending this 100% free online training course, you will be able to;
1. Understand basics of sales
2. Learn types of sales as per industry and product
3. Types of customer needs and how to identify them
4. Differentiate between Marketing & Sales
5. Learn characteristics required to become successful sales person
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I attended Sales Training by Pankaj Sir. I have 1.5 years of marketing experience, but, I could find all my sales related weaknesses in this training and i found answers to all my queries. This training teaches us how to present yourself and your company in the market so that your performance improves compared to competitors. My fear is totally removed. I am confident due to practical activities which gave me more confidence.

Madhav Trivedi, Sales Engineer
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