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Business Growth Solutions including Strategy Design, Consulting for Execution and Coaching for Success

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Business Management Consultant

Why Business Growth Consulting?

There are thousands of things to know and do in business, and over a thousand ways to grow. That’s where some clarity, focus and some Business Growth Consulting can help! You know your business like no one else, but sometimes it takes an outside view to help you prioritise and clarify your ideas, strategy and vision. Without help, you may also miss out on an opportunity that you have not been able to see.

Most new growth initiatives never achieve their intended results, simply because the business is not ready to execute them effectively. The only way to overcome that problem is to develop an actionable strategy, assess it against the realities of the marketplace, and then align sales, marketing, strategy and leadership so that the goals can actually be reached.


Most problems with business performance are due to one or more the following causes;

  1. The CEO has not clearly defined the business strategy or direction.

  2. There is a well-defined strategy on paper, but it not being implemented.

  3. The strategy that has been defined is based on internal conjecture, not on external validation.

  4. The company's executives and front-line employees are too busy solving day-to-day problems.

  5. There is no clear synergy across key departments, most notably between sales and marketing.


The above list of challenges changes in length and substance from business to business. Organizations are continuously faced with many unforeseen external challenges (for example recent COVID-19 era), on which there is seldom control. The more an organization is equipped with solid strategies on sales, marketing, business, leadership, operations, the better it can stand off such challenges and even grow despite adversities.

How Can We Help You?

"For a business to survive, growth is imperative, not an option." 


Growth strategy is core to what we do. We help companies focus on growth in terms of Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Business Operations, culture & employee engagement and Organizational Excellence. We help senior leaders find and expand the strongest assets of their business. We help companies grow by aligning their core business and closing the gap between the strategy and implementation approaches allowing them to reach their full potential.


The 51K Growth Consulting services are designed to help each customer successfully address the challenges and opportunities facing their company through our innovative solutions. As a business growth consultancy we believe that there are always ways to increase individual performance, profit, revenue, market share, and turnover. By creating new ways to sell to your existing customers, growing market share in your sector, or the launch of new products, we help you to scale and grow your business in a manageable, efficient manner. Ultimately, this relationship helps the customer improve the way which it creates and implements business strategies, resulting in increased sales, market share, and profitability.

We harness the power of 51K Improve-Grow-Excel concept help you grow. Proven, simple, practical and actionable, this framework can help you drive and manage growth, think and work smarter, build capability, motivate teams, manage company culture and achieve scalable success.

Business Management Consultant
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Success of Failure can always be found in this structure. If you wish to become successful in business, you must execute flawlessly across these four pillars.
Business Management Consultant


Winning, executable, dynamic, progressive, strategies primed for the challenges of the 21st Century. We help companies build targeted, executable business strategies that accelerate revenue and align with overall corporate goals.

Starting with a sound, effective business strategy is paramount to any organization’s success. Strategy acts as the compass, setting the direction and maintaining the course for all other actions and effort. Without a solid strategy, don’t be surprised if you don’t end up where you expected.


Structure follows Strategy.

Without the right organizational structure, a good strategy will fail fast. At 51K Growth Hub we make sure your don't fall flat on your face.


Through right alignment and  clear understanding of the executable elements, 51K Growth Hub stands up the organizations uniquely prepared to execute their strategy.

Business Management Consultant
Business Management Consultant


You will live or die based on the quality, expertise and attitude of your people, people!

Getting the right people in the right roles and doing the right things is unequivocally the most important aspect of strategy execution. Unfortunately, this is the area where most organizations struggle the most.


Since we are masters in training and development, 51K Growth Hub is known for sniffing out the winners, knowing who’s belongs in what roles and who needs to go. Yes, sometimes people need to go. From hiring to coaching 51K Growth Hub unlocks the unseen potential of your biggest asset — your people.

We help you get more out of your team than your team could get out of themselves.


Process is the engine booster you put in your gas tank. Your car can run without it, but it runs so much faster and smoother with it.


51K Growth Hub makes process look pretty. We don’t subscribe to process for process sake, but process for power’s sake. We work with you to create processes that enable your team to be faster, more effective, and more productive. 

Business Management Consultant

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