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Selling Skill

Training Programs

Management Meeting
Duration                          - 1.5-2 Full Days of 8 Hours Each
Mode of Training           - In Person on Site or Online for Remote Locations
Cost                                - Contact Us
For Whom                      - Experienced Sales Professional, Sales Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Sales Management, Marketing Department, Customer Service Department.
For Which Sectors        - All and any business in the category B2B, B2C and B2BC
Requirements to Join  - Prior Experience in Sales Highly Desirable
Course Overview
Today business and market conditions have become more challenging because of; continuous customer sophistication - fierce competition - globalization - price obsession - commoditization - complex sales cycles - fast technological changes - changes in consumer buying behaviour - increased customer Awareness & demanding nature, and so on.
Successful companies and organizations are under the crunch of economic challenges and the competition is fierce from less successful companies which are willing to do anything to stay in business. The ultimate pressure of this business scenario goes on to the sales department and sales team, who are then required to further sharpen their selling skills to remain leader and achieve organizational objective.
Our premium "Advanced Selling Skills" program is designed to quickly upskill an experienced sales team and enable them to hit the ground running with more powerful advanced sales techniques.
Advanced Selling Skills program will enable developing and developed sales professionals to review, refine and hone their sales performance and provide them with new models, theory and opportunity to develop new skills and techniques that will enable them to achieve increased revenue, better earnings and more meaningful relationships with their customers. It will focus on more detailed aspects of the sales process but also those that are specific to your situation.
The contents will be delivered through various delivery options to make your learning journey more insightful and enjoyable.
Training Objectives
After attending this training program, you will be able to;
1.   Understand the key concepts - Buying Cycle Vs. Selling Cycle
2.   How to deal with different personalities & what is your personality
3.   Evaluate advanced selling skill set and plan for improvements
4.   Develop strategic thinking and reachout techniques to gain more buyers
5.   Enhance personal selling skills for greater success
6.   Develop better, wide-ranging relationships with key accounts
7.   Understand Sales Forecasting, Account Management and CRM
8.   Learn how to tap new markets and effective ways to retain the current clientele
9.   Accept any sales challenge with confidence
10. Close sales faster and more effectively using different closing techniques
11. Effective Selling in the Down Market
12. Learn Specific Communication Skills That Separate Top Performers from Average

We attended 3 day training on Professional Seling Skills and Motivation by 51K Growth Hub. The training was so interestinig using various techniques, that we even couldn't make out when the three days have completed. Before attending the training I assumed myself as an employee but now I will work as a businessman. Thank you for such a well organized training.

Surender Chauhan, Jaipur
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