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Leadership Training Programs

Similing Team
Duration                          - 1 Full Day
Mode of Training           - In Person on Site or Online for Remote Locations
Cost                                - Contact Us
For Whom                      - People managers – line managers- supervisors
For Which Sectors        - All and any business in the category B2B, B2C and B2BC
Requirements to Join  - Prior Experience in Managing People. First Time Managers can also join.
Course Overview
A highly engaging one-day training program packed with a plethora of fun activities and games focusing on the key characteristics of high performing teams.
The high energy training program will help you equip members of a team with the essential skill set and mind set to be a professional team player in a high performing team in which every individual takes responsibility to be productive, proactive and reliable.

The training program will help you create a more professional, dynamic, effective work team that enjoys the work environment and consistently achieves more.
Training Objectives
After attending this training program, you will be able to;
1. Understand the key advantages of high performing teams and why companies are firm supporters of the team model.
2. List the Ten Characteristics of high performing teams.
3. Identify the attitude, skills and knowledge of the perfect team member.
4. Explain the Ten Characteristics of high performing team members.
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