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6 Qualities of Great Sales Managers

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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Why most sales managers despite being highly intelligent and experienced are still unable to achieve great results?

Success in sales management depends on disciplined routine that build great teams and support successful individuals. Here, we have identified 6 daily habits of great sales managers to achieve great results;

1. Learning From Every Experience - Great sales managers daily analyze about their success and failures and think deeply why think went wrong with certain issue. They continuously learn from mistakes so that mistakes are not repeated in future.

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2. Makes Team Successful - Great sales managers know that their teams need support and coaching. In case if team is around them, they make sure how they can help team more to make them successful and if the team is at remote place, they still make sure to deliver full support to make team successful. They know that if they spent a very little amount of time with their team members, it makes a huge difference in team's capability to deliver great results.

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3. Data Analysis is Their Way of Life - They know its all about numbers and they keep their full focus on data. They create and nurture data driven culture. They know that if they can hold on data analysis the big part of their job is done. If you are aware about numbers on daily basis, you can run your company on auto pilot mode as you can quickly see trends.

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4. Continuous Improvement - Great sales managers ensures that employees of their organization are concerned about their own continuous improvement. This means that everyone is encouraged to look at continuous improvement, which ultimately leads organization to deliver great results.

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5. Inspire Team to Achieve Goals - This is not a goal for a great sales manager, but a lifestyle. A great sales manager is actually a versatile leader whose main mission is to make team successful. To make their team successful they continuously inspire people working with them, as they know the power of inspiration. They inspire people by setting examples, they inspire people by giving them constructive feedback, they inspire people by providing them all kinds of possible support & many more...

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6. Have Strong Hand on Planning - Great sales managers lay foundation of their success by accurate and methodical planning. They plan for their sales goals every year in advance and continuously re-visit their plans and change if necessary as per market conditions.

If you focus on these 6 aspects, you can achieve great results in your responsibility of sales management. Want to meticulously improve your sales management skills? Take a look at how we can help you on

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Pankaj (MBA, Founder & CEO, 51K Growth Hub) is senior industry expert with 22+ years of Industry Experience. He is a globally certified professional, senior industry expert, leadership coach and corporate trainer. He is adept at delivering result oriented training and consulting programs which dramatically scales up participant morale and helps speed up exponential organisational growth.


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