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Sales Management

Training Programs

Duration                          - 2 Full Days of 8 Hours Each
Mode of Training           - In Person on Site or Online for Remote Locations
Cost                                - Contact Us
For Whom                      - Retail Sales Heads, Retail Sales Managers, Store Chain Managers, Retail Store Managers
For Which Sectors        - Retail (Organized & Unorganized)
Requirements to Join  - None
Course Overview
  • Do you want to increase your store's profitability?
  • Do you want to run your store more efficiently?
  • Do you want to stop firefighting and have more control over events that can affect your store performance and total sales?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions,then you need to create a complete sales plan for your store as well as a complete  sales forecast. Don't be intimidated by the big words sales forecasting and planning! It might sound boring or complicated, but our program makes the whole process simple and easy by following a simple 5-step process, you can create a complete store sales plan from determining your store's sales strategy to selecting specific sales tactics.
This hands-on training program is packed with retail best practice as well as retail store management and marketing techniques. Practical exercises that will help you analyze and forecast your store's key sales figures.
Using a step by step process, you will determine your store’s key performance indicators and learn specific tactics to improve your overall store performance. Lessons learned from this course will enable you to manage your staffing and financing needs more effectively and avoid unforeseen cash flow problems.
This course also includes several bonus forms that were designed to help you prepare your store's forecast and complete sales plan back on the job. (Daily store checklist, forecast data form,monthly store plan, Sales plan support form)
Training Objectives
After attending this 100% free online training course, you will be able to;
1. Explain what forecasting is and why it is important for your store.
2. Create a sales forecast for your retail store.
3. Identify and analyze your retail store's key performance and profitability indicators.
4. Develop your retail store's main sales strategy and specific sales tactics.
5. Organize and plan store resources for the most efficient utilization.
6. Explain retail planning best practices.
7. Build a plan to manage staffing and resources.
8. Plan for needs more effectively and avoid unforeseen problems.
9. Use your store’s sales forecast to create an effective sales plan that will allow you to spend more time developing your business and less time responding to crises.
10.  Identify potential obstacles that might impact store performance and develop contingency plans.
11.  Analyze problems that arise, alter plans and take corrective actions.

Multipurpose and useful training given on Retail Business Fast Growth to our retailers in simple language. We have received many compliments from our business friends. Congratulations to you very much.

Navin Arora, Director, NR
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